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Local Futures

Helena is founding director of the international non-profit Local Futures, which is dedicated to renewing ecological, social and spiritual wellbeing by strengthening local economies and communities worldwide. Local Futures raises awareness about the root causes of our multiple crises, while promoting policy change and grassroots strategies for “the economics of happiness”, or localisation. 

Here is a list of key projects led by Local Futures…

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World Localization Day

An annual week long celebration of ecological economies, community and local food with a chorus of more than 100 influential voices in support of localization; events on six continents by more than 80 partners, plus Local Food Feasts held all around the world - building a worldwide localization movement.

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Planet Local

Planet Local is a constantly-growing library of inspiring grassroots initiatives – diverse examples of localization happening all over the world from eco communities, local farming & fisheries, culture, local energy, business and finance., health and ecological initiatives.  Find out about some of the amazing groups building a more resilient future for their communities! 

Localization Action Guide

From farmers markets and consumer-producer co-operatives to local business alliances and community finance schemes, people are reweaving the fabric of local interdependence from the ground up. Out of common sense and heartfelt intuition, they are finding innovative ways to step out of the consumer rat race to live local lives at a human pace and scale.  Take action with the tools and resources in this guide to build a global movement to build resilient local economies and flourishing local communities.

Localization Action Guide by Local Futures

International Alliance for Localization

A cross-cultural network of thinkers, activists and NGOs dedicated to exploring radically new visions of development and progress.

IAL is part of Local Futures work to build a localization movement powerful enough to turn the global tide. 

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